Carol Channing Responds to "Anti-Gay Accusations"

The following is a statement from Carol Channing, given to me by her publicist in response to requests for her to respond to last week's article in the Gay People's Chronicle. After repeated calls to GPC's Associate Editor, Brian DeWitt, asking if there is a recorded copy of the Channing interview, I've been referred to publisher Martha J. Pontoni, who I will speak with shortly..

Below is Ms. Channing's statement:

I know that in an attempt to write the best article possible some things do get confused.

My life is my record. I have tried at all times to lift the lives of all peoples and have been rewarded many times over.

For the first time in my life it has been challenged because I believe the most important commandment ever given to human kind, as quoted in the Bible, to "Love they neighbor as thyself." Should we do less? At times this seems difficult but I try.

Is there not enough hate in this world? I will not and cannot do and say different things to different people. We are here together and I plan to do as much as humanly possible to further the arts and the humanities so that a better social, educational, successful culture will raise the quality of all peoples lives.

- Carol Channing

beautiful, as well it should be.
Well, it sounds reasonable to me...I think that it's possible that the interviewer caught Carol on a bad day, maybe he just rubbed her the wrong way for some reason, so she decided to be bitchy. Yes, it looks like some things were deliberately said, but again, sometimes it's all context. Unless they actually HAVE a recording of the conversation, maybe we should give her the benefit of the doubt.
can i just say that i saw carol channing when she opened for the
dead kennedys in 1982 at the whisky and that bitch rocked the house. i don't care what she thinks about gays, i just want to see her rock again.

jack jett
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um, link? w/o one, I'm going to assume this is made up.
Is that it? She didn't use the word "gay" once?! What's the point of that statement?
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